Can you get a Cheap Memphis Divorce?

People call our office daily asking how much does it cost to get a divorce in Memphis? Generally what they are wanting to know when they ask this is if they can find a cheap Memphis divorce lawyer. Our answer is always the same, and that answer is “It depends.”

Finding a cheap Memphis lawyer has more to do with your case than anything. Here’s how you can find a cheap Memphis divorce lawyer.

  1. Agree with your spouse on who gets everything.
  2. Make sure that both of you want a divorce.
  3. Don’t be greedy and insist on fighting over that hideous Christmas gift from Aunt Sally that neither of you actually like.
  4. If children are involved you need to both agree on custody and visitation in advance.

If the spouses can work together on these four things then when you call a Memphis divorce attorney tell them that you want an uncontested, no-fault divorce. Uncontested, no-fault divorces are the lowest cost divorces available. Your Memphis divorce lawyer should be able to work with you to attain a cheap Memphis divorce in this situation.

However, if you can’t agree on these things expect an expensive and long divorce process. The Moral is that the meaner the divorce, the more expensive it will be.

If you have questions about our prices for uncontested memphis divorces please visit the FEES section of our website.

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