What do I do If I’ve been served with divorce papers?

 Question:  I just was served with divorce papers from my wife’s attorney and she’s seeking a contested divorce.  I don’t live in the same state as my wife, what do I do? 

Answer In both Tennessee and Mississippi, when a divorce complaint is filed, you will be served with the a copy of the official complaint stating on what grounds the divorce is being filed on. The complaint will also state what state, county and court the case will be heard in.  Once you’ve been served divorce papers the clock starts ticking on your time limit to answer the complaint.

If it’s a contested divorce then you need to get to an attorneys office ASAP. There could be important deadlines that you don’t want to miss and you don’t want to wait until the last minute or else your attorney may not be able to help you. If the case is uncontested then you might be able to work things out on your own without having to hire a divorce lawyer. But this really depends on the complexity of your case and how many assets you may have and whether there are children involved.

My advice is to always call a good Memphis divorce lawyer’s office. Most will be happy to give you a free 30 minute phone consultation at the very least and you can learn more about what you need to do and whether or not you need a lawyer. But whatever you do don’t delay and procrastinate, doing so could cost you a lot of money if a default judgement is found against you.

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