Do Non-Custodial Parents have rights in Tennessee or Mississippi?

We have heard from many of our clients and friends the myth that noncustodial parents really have no rights at all when it comes to information about their children.

Fortunately, that is just not true. Both Mississippi and Tennessee law state that noncustodial parents have every right to important records about their children, including mental, dental, and school information.

Tennessee gets really specific, stating that noncustodial parents have the right to know their child’s teachers, access to report cards, attendance records, and class schedules. This is all hinged on the fact that the noncustodial parent’s rights have not been legally terminated due to adoption (of the child or children by someone else) or by a termination of parental rights proceeding in which they gave up their rights.

So don’t let a myth become your fact – you have every right as a noncustodial parent to know about your child’s medical and school situation!

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  1. surprised urpost says:

    Actually, the state of Mississippi has a loop hole for unco-operative custodial parents… You see “Joint Legal Custody” is defined as “each parent is to share information regarding the health, education, and wellfare of the said minor child.” So, if the custodial parent does not “Share” this info with the non-custodial parent… one is simply out of luck.

  2. Great Point! Thanks for bringing it up.

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