How much does it cost to file for a divorce in Memphis?

If you are wanting to get a divorce in Memphis, Tennessee then you probably want to know how much it’s going to cost you, right?

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If you’re getting an uncontested divorce it’s pretty simple to tell you exactly how much your divorce is going to cost. But before we can tell you the cost we need to know if you have any minor (under the age of 18) children.

If you do NOT have children then the filing fee (This is the fee that’s payable to the Shelby County Courts, your lawyer does not get to keep this)will be $301.50.

If you DO have minor children the filing fee for the Shelby county courts will be $376.50, no matter how many children you may have.

Next are your attorneys fees. Here at the Ferrell Law Firm we charge a flat rate for uncontested divorces. (Note that we pay for your filing fees out of our all-inclusive fee when we handle your divorce.)

Our attorney’s fees for an uncontested divorce with NO children is $1,799.

Our attorney’s fees for an uncontested divorce WITH children is $2,799.

Why are there different fees depending on whether or not you have children? The reason is because in Memphis divorces where minor children are involved we are required to put together and file a Permanent Parenting Plan or PPP. This PPP requires quite a bit more time to complete and file, that’s why both your lawyer’s fees and the county filing fees are higher. But even then our rate of only $999 for an uncontested divorce with children is a STEAL.

What about contested divorces, how much do they cost?

Contested divorces are an entirely different monster. And I do mean monster. (Let me take a minute here to say you really should try to work things out with your spouse first. If you can’t stay together at least try to agree on property division and custody issues so that you can save THOUSANDS of dollars in attorney’s fees for a contested divorce.)

We never know how much a contested divorce is going to cost you. It’s really impossible to say because we don’t know how many things you and your spouse are going to argue over. Your lawyer’s bill is going to be as high or low as you make it. It just depends on how much you want to fight with your spouse.

I can tell you that our intial retainer fee is normally $5,000 for a contested divorce here in Memphis. And your lawyer will bill you by the hour for the time he or she spends on your case. Our lawyer’s hourly fees start at $175 per hour and go up from there.

At the end of each month we will send you a detailed bill showing you the work that we have done and showing you the balance of funds you have left in your retainer account. Then at the beginning of each month we require money be deposited into your retainer account to bring it back to $5,000.

What will your total cost be for a contested divorce? Again, we can’t tell you that because of all the variables. I can say that most contested divorces at a minimum cost at least $7,500 and they can go way up from there.

If you have any other questions about costs please call us at 901-881-6353 or visit our memphis divorce fees and costs page here.

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