Jami’s Story

Note: This was originally written as a letter sent only to my family and friends, but I now want to share my personal story with everyone.

I would like to share my story with you….

In January of 2003 my wife Katie and I made a decision that we felt would change the path our life was taking.

For the first four years of our marriage both of us were in careers that were, at best, less than satisfying. I had been working as an investment advisor and Katie was an assistant in a bank trust department. And as a young married couple we dealt with the normal financial strains and burdens that all young couples deal with. We knew we weren’t happy and we knew we needed to do something different. That’s when past dreams of attending law school started popping back into my thoughts. And I began to wonder, “Could we make this happen? Should I go to law school and become a lawyer?”

Within two months of my first thoughts of going to law school I was accepted and scheduled to enroll at the University of Mississippi School of Law. Katie was fully on board with my dream of becoming a lawyer, and we diverted from our old life and set out on this new adventure. We were nervous, excited and optimistic about the future.

In 2006, after three years, the birth of our first child Lacy, and one life changing surgery on Katie later, I graduated from law school. My time spent in law school and around “traditional” law firms left me determined to build a law firm on my own that would be different from any other. Every person in my firm would talk to our clients as if they were close friends, explaining issues in a down-to-earth matter, not with fancy legal jargon and not with a “better than you” attitude. We would only take clients who had genuine issues and serious damages, staying away from frivolous and wasteful cases and lawsuits. We would always do what was right, and we would always do what was best for our clients, not for our own bank accounts.

first office

That original idea is what you now know as the Ferrell Law Firm. In just five short years since opening my first office in Olive Branch, Mississippi the firm has kept true to all of my original standards. And although we’ve grown more than I ever could have expected, moving across state lines to Germantown to better serve our Memphis clients, our values remain the same. Because of this, I’m honored to have very good clients, with very good cases, and I try to do a very good job in getting them results.

My wife Katie and I have immensely enjoyed our adventure so far. It’s now been over eight years since we made the decision to change the path our life was taking, and we’re so glad we did. My invitation to you is this – If you are not happy with the path you are on at this very moment, my advice is to change it now. Begin creating your own path to happiness today. If you are not sure what to do, I welcome the conversation with you to share how we made the decisions we did.

In conclusion, I am making a request from each of you reading my story at this very moment. Please think of me the next time someone asks you if you know a good lawyer. Become one of my raving fans. I want your support!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for continuously thinking of us.


Jami Ferrell

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